Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Travel Bag Day 6 - Finished Product!

Ok - it only took me six days to make this bag.  Is it perfect - no....is it straight and does not have any seam holes - yes!  I call it a success.

This day I made the lining the same way the exterior was made.  First attached the top long pieces, then add the bottom piece to make a loop.

Then add each main panel.

I went ahead and made the false bottom next while I pondered the lining installation instructions.

The directions say to put the lining in the bag and reach in and tack it to the exterior.  That was too hard in my book so I turned the bag inside out and the lining inside out.  I placed the exterior inside the lining and rolled down the lining to tack it in place along the bottom and edges.

I also did not hand stitch the whole zipper length on both sides.  I pinned it in place and ran it through the sewing machine as far as it would reach.  I only had to hand sew a few inches on both ends.

Over all it turned out well.  I had enough left over fabric and gumption to make a luggage tag to go along with it.  That turned out a bit wonky so there is no pictures of that!!  Here are the final pictures:

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