Saturday, April 16, 2011

Peeps See How They Grow

We had received a mail order box of live peeps April 4th.  In that box there were 27 day old peeps.  They are now 2 weeks old and my how they grow.  They are so fun to watch every day.  We have only lost 2 peeps - those died in the first 3 day we had them.  Over all that is not too bad considering these girls were shipped from Iowa to Pennsylvania in early April.

Here are some daily pictures.  It is amazing how fast they grow and feather out.

The white peep in the picture below is one of the mystery chicks.  They sent us two of these peeps.  We can't tell of they are male or female yet.  I have no clue what breed they are either. They are said to be rare and or exotic breeds from the farm.  I do know they are big birds.  They should do fine with the harsh winters we get here.....provided they are hens.  If they are roos I will have to get rid of them.

The feathering out process has got to itch!  The peeps preen themselves all the time and flap their newly grown wings.  They run/fly around the brooder from one end to the other.  We will soon have to take the  divider out of the brooder to give them more room.

They are starting to try to fly so we had to put the last lid piece on the brooder.  That is all I need, is to go down to the basement and have baby chickens running amuck!

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