Thursday, April 21, 2011

Latest Sewing Project

Over the next few days I will be showcasing my progress on a challenging new project:  Amy Butler Weekender Travel Bag.  I love the shape and size of this bag.  I have seen this travel bag on several different web sites and everyone stated how difficult it was to make.  Anyone who know me in real life knows, I am not one to back down from a challenge.  It may take me a while but I will tackle it head on eventually. Since my new position at work might require me to travel, I though it best to get going on this so I have a cute travel bag to use.

I bought this pattern a month or so ago and have been reading and re-reading the directions.  I have also been slowly buying up the materials needed to make this bag.  I refuse to pay full price for fabric and notions so, I get things here and there on sale or, with a handy dandy coupon.  At full cost for everything this bag would be very expensive to make.  I have not sat down and added it all up but I would say I have cut the cost in half with buying things on sale and with the coupons.  It is still going to turn out to be an expensive bag but, I would consider it compareable to other designer bags out there...and this one is custom made by me.  :o)  

So far I have the pattern pieces copied off onto my pattern paper, and cut out.  I have also purchaced everything I need for this bag.  I already know of a few modification I want to make right off the bat.  I am not chaning the pattern or dimentions, just adding a few things that I want for my bag.

Stay tuned as I work my way through this pattern.  Hopefully, I will end up with a nice beautiful travel bag and keep my sanity...well what is left of it.  I also hope to get it done over the weekend....we shall see!

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