Friday, April 22, 2011

Travel Bag Day 2

Working along....slow but sure.  I have managed to get all the pieces cut out of everything.  Lots of pieces - main fabric, lining, fusible interface, heavy weight interface, and the piping.  That took a very long time to get it all cut out.  I followed the directions but I did not have enough of the fusible interface so back to the store I went with coupon in hand to get more.

I also got all 5 yards of the piping cord covered in the green fabric.  This will be a cute decorative trim around the bag.  I followed the hints that found on the web and used Stitch Witchery to glue the piping fabric instead of sewing the casing closed.  This will make it easier to sew to the bag later as I will not have to deal with trying to conceal the stitch line.

I just remember that I need to cut out a few extra pieces for the extras.  I want to add feet to the bottom so I will need some reinforcement strips.  I also want to add an inside zipper pocket in the lining.  I have zippers in my stash I will have to dig through to fine one that will match.  I will also have to cut out the fabric for the pouch as well.

So far so good.  I will be be getting into the real construction this weekend.  I just found out I may have to travel next month for my day job so now I have a deadline to get this bag made.

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