Friday, June 3, 2011

Building the nursery

The peeps have been in the basement way too long now.  I am going broke buying air fresheners!  They need out!  At has been storming every day around these parts so it has been difficult to get time to build the nursery for the peeps.  We finally found a small break in the weather and ran with it.   We let the big chickens run loose so they don't freak out over the construction going on beside their coop and run.

First we had to mow the grass where the nursery and run will go.  We could have left at as they will eat and trample it down to mud, but we did not want to loose them in the high grass.

Then we had to get down the nursery walls from where we store them up in the rafters of the barn.

Zip tie the wall together.

Add braces for the 'roof'.

Add scrap pieces of plywood for the roof, and the front with a hole cut in it for a pop door.

Cover the whole thing in a tarp and secure it with bricks.

Cut holes in tarp for the pop door and the sun roof/entry point.

Get the young strapping son to pound in the T Posts for their run.

String the wire around the run.

Add the netting and get me stuck inside the run.  I had to be quite the contortionist to get out once we had all the wire and netting on!  Good thing I am flexible!

Line the run with bricks and it is ready to go.  It is a little shorter than the permanent run but that is ok.  The peeps will only be staying in the nursery for a few months then they well be integrated into the big coop with the older hens.

About that time the storms were rolling through so we could not put the peeps in.  That would have to wait for another day.  The older chickens were right there to help us and lend they building expertise 2 cents.

We quickly cleaned up, put all the tools away and wrangled the chickens back into the their run.  We will have to check the weather to try to get a break from these storms to get the peeps moved.

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