Sunday, June 12, 2011

Planting Chickens

When it is really hot out when we let the chickens free rage they like to run straight for the back of the house.  There they seek refuge from the heat under the back porch.  The back porch is more like a covered deck.  It is something like 12 x 40.  There is lots of cool dirt and shade to cool off under.  The chickens like to dust in the dirt and shale under the deck.  They look like I planted chickens in the ground!

Yep I am now growing chickens.  They are so silly.  They dig a hole and lay in it and kick dirt up under their feathers and then they roll around in the loose dirt.  This does several things for the birds.  One it cools them off.  Second it rids them of any excess oils their skin/feather accumulate, and third it rids them of any bugs they may have.  My chickens do not have bugs.  I can pet and get close enough to inspect them often enough to know.  This is something I look out for.  You do not want your flock to get bugs....not good.

They enjoy wallowing in the dirt nests and I like to take pictures of them wallowing.  :o)  They will even kick each other out of a wallow and take it over.  I guess some dirt is better than others...?

Hopefully my next post will be a fun one.  I had to go to Omaha, Nebraska on a business trip for a week.  I did manage to work my butt off and also have some 'me' time.  I took tons of pictures and had a really good time.   Stay tuned!

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