Sunday, June 26, 2011

While I was in Omaha...

We have this thing with Cabelas Stores.  We really like them.  Cabelas is a huge sporting goods store that has something for, clothes, camping gear, housewares, dog stuff, bullets, guns, bows, on and on.  We have 2 that are fairly close to us - within a 3 hour drive, and we visit them at least once a year. We have decided that we want to try to visit all the Cabelas stores we can and get a coffee mug from each place.  Each store carries the same style of coffee mug but their location is printed on the inside upper ridge of the mug.  So we obviously have one from Hamburg, PA and also Wheeling, WV, the stores closes to us.

I was told there was one right handy Omaha and I had to check it out.  I googled it after work one day while I was out there and sure enough it was a 15 minute drive from where I was.  I decided to go for it and away I went.  I have to say I have driven on all kinds of roads and crammed interstates, but I have to say this short stretch of I-80 to get from Omaha to La Vista was totally INSANE!  I just held on tight to the wheel and dove right in to the crazy traffic and tried to not stay in an exit lane...which there were a lot of.  I managed to make it to Cabelas in one piece and without too much difficulty.  From the time I parked I started taking pictures.

Each Cabelas has their own sculpture that is unique to that store.  The La Vista store had a small sculpture of 2 deer.  Very nice I thought but not as big as I was expecting.  I went inside the store and was shocked at how small this store was.  The Hamgurg, PA store is one of the largest stores.  It was nice and easy to get around.

Each Cabelas also has the 4 seasons mountain in the middle of the store.  On this mountain you can find all kinds of critters and as you walk around it the seasons change as do the animals depicted.  Sorry animal rights folks - this is a hunting store and yes the animals all through the store are stuffed real animals that were killed one way or another.

I made a loop through the store and located the housewares department and picked up the coveted mug.  My boys at home will be happy.  I continued through the store and finally checked out.  Back into my rental car and away I zoomed to jump back into the crazy traffic back into the big city of Omaha.

I think I was gone a total of about an hour.  That is a pretty short time to get to a Cabelas, walk all the way through it, and get back 'home'.  I think my grocery store at home is bigger than this place was.  I will not  complain though - I was there, got picture and a mug to prove it and that is all that counts in our book!

If I get the chance to get back out to Nebraska again I may have time to get out to another of their Cabelas stores.  I think Nebraska has 3 different Cabelas stores.  MAybe someday we will have complete set of mugs from each store....someday. :o)

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