Sunday, May 15, 2011


I will admit it - I love meatloaf....the singer and the food!  :o)  Mr. Meat can come over and make meatloaf any time....*sigh*....oh sorry I digress....  Back to the food.  Meatloaf is such a teased food.  Commercials make fun of it, kids cringe at the sound of it, but we in the Clucker's household love it, at least our recipe.  Dear Husband (DH) and I have several versions of meatloaf that we all like.  We have an italian style that is saucy and cheesy - sure to harden your arteries before you get to dessert, and the regular non-saucy version.  We have been tweaking meatloaf recipes over the years and DH seen a Mr. Food segment one morning on the TV news, but did not write it down or remember exactly what it was.  He remembered the jist of it so off we went to the store to get the main ingredients.  It took us a couple of tries but we have created a recipe that is wonderfully tender, moist, and oh so tasty.

So head on over to the What's Cooking page for the full recipe and give it a try.  It is yummy hot or cold.

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