Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yummy Healthy Summer Squash and Eggs

I love summer yellow squash.  We usually plant a few plants and end up with more squash that one could ever use!  Since it is still way too early to be planting the garden in this neck of the woods, we bought some straight neck yellow squash at the store.  The sat around as we got too busy to cook them up that night or the next night, or the next.  So not wanting them to go bad I finally cooked them up and we all gobbled them down.  I had to make sure I packed my lunch before we all started eating so I would be sure to have some of this yummy dish for my next day's meal.

It is super simple, super easy, and wonderfully tasty.   It is a good source of vitamins and protein when it is completed with the eggs.  Head on over to the What's Cookin page for the full recipe!

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