Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday Menu Ideas

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and being a Pennsylvanian, or Pennsyltuckian as some say in these here parts, we root for the Steelers.  I have my Steeler T-shirt on even though I probably will not watch much of the game.  I will be making goodies to munch on throughout the day for us.  We are not hosting a party but just us making a day out of the event.

I usually try to make a good big meal on Sundays, not just because I have the time, but it also gives me leftovers for the week's lunches for me.  Today however is not going to be one of those days.  I may still get some leftover out of todays noshings but it will take some creativity on my part to make them do-able lunches.

On the menu for today is Buffalo Chicken Dip:

Since it is still fairly early here, I do not have it made yet.  I will post the recipe on the What's Cooking page of this blog.  Later, after I get it made I will post a finished picture.  This is a pretty popular dip.  You can scoop it onto crackers, use scoops/tortilla chips, or use celery to deliver this yummy flavorful munchie to your mouth.

There will also be Taco Scoops:

 This is a great appy for parties.  It gives you the great flavor of tacos in a one bite delivery of a scoop chip.  Super easy to make and delicious to eat!  Again, I will post recipes and finished pictures on the whats cooking page.

I will also be making Hot Sausage in sauce with pepper and onions:

This I have to get moving on now.  It is best if you let it cook away in a crock pot all day long.  The sausage gets infused with the sauce and the sauce gets infused with the hot sausage.  A marriage made in  the crock fit for heaven!  Slap a saucy sausage in a fresh roll, top with cheese, sauce, and grilled onions and peppers, splash on some ketchup...oh I am drooling~!  Once again finished pictures and recipes will be posted to the Whats cooking page.

I may even make some lemon, cherry, and red raspberry tarts, if I have time:

I make my own pie crust from scratch - so easy to make, and use commercial bakery filling sleeves for the fruit filling.  More details will be on the whats cooking page.

If you are a football fan, enjoy the game and may the best team win!

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