Monday, January 24, 2011

BRRRRRR.... It is spring yet??

Oh man, it has been so very cold here in PA the past few days.  This morning my weather bug stated that it was 9 below zero.  This weather is not fit for man nor beast!  Can you name the show where that quote came from?  Over the weekend it was even colder.  I will grin and take the cold because that usually means that it is too cold to snow.  I would much rather have cold and no snow than moderate and snow storm after snow storm.  I just remind myself that every day, the daylight hours are getting longer and soon we will be in spring.  Of course that does not mean we are out of the woods for snow.  Not in PA - we can get snow well into April and sometimes May.  I remember Easter Egg hunts wearing winter coats and searching through snow for the eggs that held the goodies.  Oh how I long to be back in TN.  But then I would probably be complaining about the ticks and the pleasing me I guess.  :o)  I really am not that big of a diva.  I take the cold and make sure my critters are pampered and taken care of.  The chickens have 2 heat lamps in their coop to help keep their coop warm, well at least temperate, and their water unfrozen.  The bunny has several blankets draped over his cozy cage to protect him from the wind.  He also gets his water changed several times a day to keep it flowing.  My pets are well cared for.  I love caring for them, even if it means I that I have to deal with this horrible cold.  All I hope is that this cold does some good and knocks the bug (read tick) population down a notch or two.

Since I talked about more of my critters.  You all have seen my chickens.  Let me introduce you to Dust Bunny:
He is a Dwarf Netherland rabbit.  He is a cutie.  He is demanding.  He will get all rowdy and start yelling at you to feed him or bring him fresh water, or clean his litter pan!  So loud and demanding for a critter that makes no noise.  We love him dearly and he gets lots of lovin and treats.


  1. Dust Bunny might the cutest name for a rabbit ever! He's adorable!

  2. We are freezing in Georgia too!! I am so ready for spring!