Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Teenage Little Girl Chickens

Today was a pretty nice day so we let the chickens free range around the yard.  We try to let them free range as much as possible.  This serves 2 purposes.  One, they get to run around and explore and that makes for happy birds, and two, they eat every bug in the yard, and that makes for happy owners!  Let me introduce you to Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb.  These 2 girls go everywhere together.  They are truly BFFs.  Where one is the other is close behind.  They also enable each other and are the most mischievous chickens I own.

Today for instance, as soon as the run door was opened they took off running for the hills!  ok, not the hills as we live at the top of the mountains...but they took off running for the back yard.  Wing in wing they waddled as fast as their little chicken feet could carry them.  This upset Chip the rooster very much.  He is very protective of his girls and he is always looking out for them.  Whoever came up with the term 'mother hen' should have met Chip...overprotective father hen!  Dee and Dumb just giggled and rounded the house out of Chip's sight.  The spotted the duck box and Dee said to Dumb, "Lets hide in there!"  The both ducked into the duck box and played around in the shavings that were in there, giggling and carrying on like two young teenagers.  Chip finally rounded the corner of the house and started to panic....where did his girls go?~!  He let out crow after crow, and the girls just giggled as they hid in the box.  Dumb said to Dee, "SHHHH  he will hear you!  Be quiet!"

Finally Chip gave out another crow in desperation, and gave up and went back to the front yard to check on the rest of his flock.  At that time Dee and Dumb tumbled out of the duck box laughing their beaks off!  "HAHA  he did not find us!!"  Silly birds.  Dee and Dumb like to hang out in the back yard around the central air unit and under the back deck.

When you go near them to try to corral them back to the front yard they will duck under the deck and hang out in the middle where you can't reach them.  "Neener Neener Neener!  You can't get us!!"  Goofy birds.  I fear that a hawk will show them just how touchable they really are!  I hope not and try to keep an eye on them a best I can - but they roam around and dig up the rocks at their will.

Things should get real interesting around here in a week or so.  We ordered 26 new peeps to add to the flock.  Anyone need any eggs??!!

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  1. I love your rendition of the chickens. I just found your blog through 2 peas and will definitely be following you now. We just bought a 45 acre farm and hope to have chickens by next spring. Bring on the chicken stories. :)