Saturday, March 5, 2011

Contacts and Glasses

I wear both contacts and glasses.  Not at the same time mind you, but my vision is pretty bad.  Since I hit 41 a year or so ago, I have had to wear reading glasses as well.  My wonderful eye doctor tried me out first with progressive lenses in my glasses.  Oh boy that did not work out too well at all!  I found myself stumbling walking across the yard and nearly falling when I had to navigate stairs.  I also found myself confused as to when to look out what part of the lens.  Nope progressives were not going to work for me.  I decided on single vision glasses, and contacts and toped them off with reading glasses.

I have found myself becoming a lot like how my dad was.  When my dad died in 2004, we set out to clean out the house and vehicles as the normal process goes.  As we were cleaning things out we must have found 10 pairs of reading glasses that all belonged to my dad!  He had them everywhere... a pair in his shirt pocket, a pair over the visor in the truck, a pair in the car, a pair at his side of the dining room table, a pair by the computer, a pair in the spare room where he did is coin collections, pairs of reading glasses everywhere. I also have started collecting reading glasses.  As I sit here at this computer I have a pair on.  I have a pair at work at my desk.

I have a pair on the dining room table where I am working on a shirt pattern to sew up.

I have a pair by my recliner in the living room by my Nook.

I keep a pair in my purse at all times also.  All my reading glasses are different.  All are the same power but the frames are all different.  That is how I am.  I like diversity in things I have to have.

My husband recently tried contacts for the first time in his 42 years.  He is so happy with them.  The doctor's office gave him this super cute tiny bottle of solution and sent him on his way after practicing a few times taking them out and putting them back in.  I am actually surprised that he can wear contacts.  He has the patients of a nat so I was not sure how he would fair with any challenge of getting the contact to stick in your eye.  Those who have contacts know what I am talking about.  Sometimes they just don't want to go in, sometimes they don't want to come out.  Anyway, he has actually been doing really well with his and I am impressed.  I love to hear him go on and on about them and why did he wait so long to try contacts.  Another challenge for him is that he is not very ambidextrous.  I think he would probably die if he ever lost his right hand/arm.  The dexterity in his left arm/hand is very low.  Trying to handle a contact with his left hand to stick in his left eye is very challenging for him.

As I said he was doing real well with them...until this morning.  He stuck his right contact in his eye just fine and then moved on to the left contact, and while he was struggling with that one, his right one must not have been seated properly and it flipped out of his eye.  He was not a happy camper thinking that he dropped his left contact, picked it up and stuffed it back in his LEFT eye.  He came out of the bathroom and was muttering and blinking like crazy.  He said something was not right, and went back into flush it off and try again. He took it out and put it back in the case and went back to his glasses, as his eye was hurting now.   Dear husband and our son and our friend were trying to get out the door to go to a gun show and his eye/vision was all messed up.  Dear husband asked me to look in his left eye to see if I could see anything in it.   As I got close and peered into his eye I couldn't help but laugh...he said "Do you see anything?!"  I said, "yep...your contact!"  Here he had his left contact in his left eye, dropped the right contact from his right eye - thought it was is left and picked it up and put it in is left eye also!  He took one contact out and still had one in his eye.  He put the other one in his right eye and all was well again.

Oh the joys of learning to deal with contacts.  His vision is not as bad as mine, so it was difficult for him to 'see' a difference between contacts and uncorrected vision.  The boys left about 40 minutes behind schedule.  I sent dear husband on his way with his glasses and his carry case for his contacts.

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