Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Am Still Here

Wow it has been a while since I have written an entry and for that I apologize.  Things got real crazy and, well they still are but I made time to come on here and post.

Lots has happened since my last November post.  We put our son into a cyber school and that took a lot of my time, as it ended up pretty much me coming home from work and having to basically home school him all evening.  It was worth it in the end as he went from a C and D student in the local public high school falling through the cracks to an A student in the cyber school.  I can not say enough good things about Connections Academy.  If you are looking for a school alternative for your child check out Connections Academy to see if it is offered in your state/area.

Other things that have been happening is that I lost my job.  I am the income for my small family and now I am scrambling to find a new job.  In this economy that is tough to say the least.  I have had several interviews but no company has come up with the golden offer as of yet.  I keep looking and doing what I can to make ends come as close to meeting as possible.  I can also say I have been enjoying the down time.  Granted I am sending on average 20 resumes a day out, so I am actively searching for new employment, but I am also home 24/7 now.  I can take the time to shoot my bow again and get to cleaning out the basement.  I also get to travel to other states as I do the interviews.  How many people can say they went to North Carolina or Texas for a few hours one day?  I can!  My interview days are a whirlwind of activities and flights but they are fun and I get to see new places.

Shooting our bows has always been a big part of our family life.  I have had yard sales and I collect cans along the road to sell the Aluminum.  This fund our trips to the various archery shoots that we go to.  So far this summer we have been able to go to the Pine Hill Sportsman's traditional shoot in Kennerdell, PA, the Michigan Longbow Association Great Lakes Longbow Invitational, in Hasings, MI, and to the Hawkeye Bowmen Traditional Shoot, in Alden, NY.  I pick up a lot of cans!  The next shoot we are off to is Seneca Tri-State Traditional shoot handy Wheeling, WV.  I am not exactly certain of the location but they say it is hand the Cabela's in Wheeling.  I need to have yet another yard sale to continue cleaning house and making some extra money.

On the chicken front I have sad news.  I have had to get rid of all my chickens.  I did find a good home for some of them but the rest I had to kill.  It took me two days to do it and I cried through a box of tissues....but it had to be done.  We would not be able to move with them and since I no longer had a market for the eggs ( I sold them regularly to co-workers), the eggs were piling up and they were no longer earning their keep.  Chicken feed is not cheap!  I did what I had to do.  Will I have chickens again?  Maybe.  I am not so sure with being laid off from a job that I thought I would have a very long time has made me gun shy for getting anything extra in our lives.  I think we will hold off and try some other avenues before we go back to chickens.

Once I get a new job and we get settled, I will be opening up a new business.  I will be making custom leather quivers, arm guards, aprons, dreamcatchers, and other things.  Eventually we will get into making bows also.  At least then we can attend all these shoots as a vendor and write them off.

I have no pictures for this posting.  I hope to have some for what I write about next time.  I still have some stories about my birds that I will post with pictures, as they are always entertaining.  Until next time - good day to you all.

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